I am a Full Time Artist, working from my "Swallowsnest Studio", Co. Wexford, in the South East of  Ireland. Having an interest in a wide variety of methods within Art, I believe a concept , will direct the materials and method of making of a particular piece.


Over the  past number of years however,  I have been developing my work within the field of Plein Air Painting.

The aim in my Plein air work, is to respond to, and attempt to capture fleeting light effects and colour from life. As soon as light conditions change, so the mood and first response changes, creating the need to work from memory. If the conditions allow, my ultimate goal is to respond to my enviornment with feeling, as I experience and witness it.

I like to work subjectively, and aim for that high concentration level needed to work intensely within a short time frame. In this respect, it is far from a mundane activity, and very much like training for a sport.


Blog : Plein Air Painting




Though I enjoy predominantly working from Life, I also create studio and Comission pieces.


All works are available for sale.